Jack's Essential Bags

These are the Jack Jeffreys Superhero Trust "Essentials Bags".

These bags will be given to newly diagnosed children with cancer and their families when in the hospital. (One bag per family) Included in the bag are things that we found useful to us, as well as an application form for a small one-off financial grant. Having been in this position, we know how hard it is as a family financially and want to do all we can to help others. Katie had to take over a year off work!! We hope in time, if the charity does well, that we can increase this grant, but time will tell. We are just starting with Kipling Ward at our local hospital The Conquest- Hastings, and will see how it goes. Our hope is to extend it in time to more hospitals in the South East, but that all depends on how we as a charity do financially. The more we raise, the more hospitals we can cover!

Jack Jeffreys Superhero Trust

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