Our Community Projects

Our Community Projects

We are pleased to announce that this year’s project is for the local Demelza centre in St Leonards. They want to create an outdoor space for the children and their families. The first thing they require is safe fencing around the perimeter and a smaller picket style fence with a gate around the car park in order to make the garden safe and secure for the children. JJST would like to make this possible. We are appealing to any fencing contractors/suppliers out there, who can help us with the planning and support for the project. Our goal is to make this space safe, secure and ready to use by the summer. Please get in touch if you can help. We have also created a separate fundraising link within our Just Giving page for anyone who wants to donate direct to the project


Our 2020 Project - Demelza Garden, St Leonards

Our 2019 Community Project - S.S.P.A.U Playroom


The SSPAU play room in Kipling ward at Conquest. There are soooooo many photos so I've tried to find a bit of everything so you can see all the hard work that our fantastic team have put into this! Massive thankyou to everyone who has helped and made this possible! I am going to list you all! 😊 ⭐Claire, Melinda, Steffi, Michelle, Lucia, Matt, Teaser and Riley, Alan and Graham (and Grant and myself) who have made this room look like this! I just love that Teaser and Riley were able to be involved and have helped to create this 💖 ⭐My lovely friend Rachel and her hubby Kevin for donating all the paint ⭐The wonderful Sam, James and of course little Seth (our Marsden family) for buying us the tub chair ⭐RW Equine Vet - Your Local Independent Equine & Alpaca Vet who have bought us a sofa to go in there (We are still waiting for it to come, but will show pics asap!) ⭐The lovely Claire and Zac who have given us the T.V. and are also making the plaque to go in the room  ⭐My fellow staff at Bexhill Tesco for raising the money to buy the train table ⭐And of course you guys for supporting us with all our fundraising which has bought everything else!!

We are all so pleased with how it has turned out! It's better than any of us imagined!

We hope that if you do have to spend any time on the ward, and obviously we really hope you don't, that this will help to brighten up your day. There are lots of little hidden things in there, and just so much to look at, and we hope something for everyone to enjoy 💖


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