Meet Lewis, who is turning October pink to raise awareness and money for both Cancer Research and us!
Lewis, as you can see, has dyed his hair pink, and has had a pink and red day at his school so far this month.
He also has a family fun day organised on 27th October at Cedar Primary School. If you are in the area, please pop along. Here's the link-

Lewis has a Just Giving link, if you would like to donate- the money raised will be split 50-50.…

Massive thankyou to Lewis and his family for all they are doing. 💖

 To watch a video of Lewis and his dad Marc, speaking to 'Bradders The Man In The Van' on Charlton Real Talk, click on the video underneath


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ EXCITING NEWS!!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We are so pleased and excited to announce that for the 2nd season running, Charlton Athletic FC are very kindly allowing us to treat children with cancer or other life threatening/ limiting illnesses and their families to a VIP experience at the football in Jack's memory 💖

It is slightly different this season in that they have given us the VIP box for some dates, and on others they are giving us tickets for the Millenium Lounge, which is a private members lounge, and will again be an amazing experience! So we have more dates to offer than last season!! 😁
The difference with the lounge is that, unlike the VIP box, we can't stay in there while the game is on, so for any kids that may not like the noise, or may be too cold to sit outside to watch the game, this may not be suitable.
We may have to be a little more selective about who has the VIP box dates because of this. This will mean that kids that are still undergoing treatment will have priority for the box. We will also give priority to families who have not been before, but those that have been before are still welcome. 

The dates we have are-

Sat 24th August- Charlton v Brentford (FILLED)
Weds 2nd Oct- Charlton v Swansea City
Sat 19th Oct- Charlton v Derby County (FILLED)
Tues 10th Dec- Charlton v Huddersfield Town
Sat 14th Dec- Charlton v Hull City (FILLED)
Sat 1st Feb- Charlton v Barnsley
Sat 15th Feb- Charlton v Blackburn Rovers
Sat 22nd Feb- Charlton v Luton Town
⭐There will be space for up to 8 people ⭐

Millennium Lounge
Weds 21st August- Charlton v Nottingham Forest (FILLED)
Sat 14th Sept- Charlton v Birmingham City
Sat 23rd Nov- Charlton v Cardiff City
Sat 30th Nov- Charlton v Sheffield Wednesday
Thurs 26th Dec- Charlton v Bristol City
Sat 11th Jan- Charlton v West Bromwich Albion
Sat 7th March- Charlton v Middlesbrough
Tues 17th March- Charlton v QPR
Mon 13th April- Charlton v Reading
Sat 25th April- Charlton v Wigan Athletic
⭐There will be space for 4 people ⭐

⭐1 parking space will be available
⭐Disabled access
⭐Food and first round of drinks will be provided in both the box and the lounge courtesy of Jack Jeffreys Superhero Trust.
Once you have secured a date, we will contact you regarding menu options as soon as they are made available to us. 

The Saturday games we suggest you arrive at the box/lounge for 1pm. Kick off will be at 3pm.
The weekday games we suggest you arrive at the box or lounge for 6pm. Kick off will be at 7.45pm.
Please allow time for parking and getting to the box/lounge. 

*Please note that it will be down to you to arrange transport getting to and from the ground. 

If you would like to come along to any of these dates, please contact us on

(We may have to ask questions about your child's illness, so we can ensure that you are eligible, and also to ensure that we can provide the best experience possible, so please don't be offended if we ask questions)

The club are very kindly giving us the use of the VIP box and lounge at no expense to us, but the food will be down to the charity to cover.
If there are any businesses/companies/individuals that would like to sponsor the cost of the food to help us out that would be amazing!
In return we can offer to put your business on our website and on our fb page and posts about any of the games you sponsor.
Please contact us on 


Latest News

The SSPAU play room in Kipling ward at Conquest.
This is what #teamjack have been working hard on for the last couple of weekends!
There are soooooo many photos so I've tried to find a bit of everything so you can see all the hard work that our fantastic team have put into this!
Massive thankyou to everyone who has helped and made this possible! I am going to list you all! 😊
⭐Claire, Melinda, Steffi, Michelle, Lucia, Matt, Teaser and Riley, Alan and Graham (and Grant and myself) who have made this room look like this! I just love that Teaser and Riley were able to be involved and have helped to create this 💖
⭐My lovely friend Rachel and her hubby Kevin for donating all the paint
⭐The wonderful Sam, James and of course little Seth (our Marsden family) for buying us the tub chair
RW Equine Vet - Your Local Independent Equine & Alpaca Vet who have bought us a sofa to go in there (We are still waiting for it to come, but will show pics asap!)
⭐The lovely Claire and Zac who have given us the T.V. and are also making the plaque to go in the room (pic of plaque to follow)
⭐My fellow staff at Bexhill Tesco for raising money last week to buy the train table
⭐And of course you guys for supporting us with all our fundraising which has bought everything else!!

We are all so pleased with how it has turned out! It's better than any of us imagined!
There are still a few finishing touches that hopefully will be done this coming weekend🤞

We hope that if you do have to spend any time on the ward, and obviously we really hope you don't, that this will help to brighten up your day. There are lots of little hidden things in there, and just so much to look at, and we hope something for everyone to enjoy 💖

#jackjeffreyssuperherotrust #teamjackforever #supportingsuperheroes #thebradleyloweryfoundation


To support children with cancer or other life threatening/limiting illnesses and their families, in and out of hospital.

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