This is a Secret Stones page for Jack!   

Originally, we set up this group as we thought it would be a bit of fun and brighten up Jack's day to see all the different stones that have been painted for him. As well as that, we thought it could be another way to raise awareness to his cause.  Sadly, on 21st August 2018, Jack lost his courageous battle against Neuroblastoma- a rare type of childhood cancer.  We have decided, as a way of keeping Jack’s memory alive, and to keep raising awareness of childhood cancer- specifically Neuroblastoma, to keep this group going.   You can find out more about Jack and his amazing battle against this awful disease on his facebook page  

We encourage everyone to decorate stones and hide them to join in this latest craze.   

Here's what you have to do!  

- decorate your stone/s with what ever design you wish (something that Jack loves would be extra special!) 

- make sure you include 'Jack's Secret Stones', 'photo', 'post' and 'hide' perhaps on the reverse of your stone/s 

- take a photo of your stone/s and post it on his facebook page with the town you are hiding it in (don't give the exact location- just the town) 

- hide your stone/s (but don't make it too difficult!) 

- sit back and wait to see who finds it  

If you find a stone, take a photo, and put a post on his facebook page telling everyone where you found it. Then re-hide it somewhere else. Simple really!  

Lets have some fun with this in memory of the bravest boy we ever knew 💛